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     A Leader in Design and Innovation in the LDCPE  Pipe Dispensing Trailer Industry  


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Sweetwater Metal Products model CT2710C-LT-SL LDCPE pipe dispensing trailer meets
or exceeds all the safety and quality requirements demanded by today's utility company
and pipe installation contractor. The CT2710C incorporates many features to improve
the handling, transporting, and dispensing of coiled pipe, which equates to substantial
cost savings.



  • McElroy line Tamer to straighten and re-round the pipe - First designed and fabricated
    in our shops.

  • Coil is suspended from ID - Always stays vertical and indexed with tamer.

  • Powered adjustable Mast  - Accepts different coil size's and allows pipe room to align.

  • Threading Rollers - Guides pipe into tamer and supports the pipe.

  • Self Loading - Self storing load arm. Built in powered hoist.

  • Loads vertical or horizontal coils.

  • Outriggers - Stabilize the trailer while loading coil.

  • Side Loading - Nothing to remove, just open the gate and hoist the coil in.

  • Totally Self Contained - Nothing else required. No reel required.

  • Safety Cage - Protects workers from inadvertent release of coiled energy.

  • Adjustable Side Gate - Adjusts to the width of the coil.

  • Hydraulic Power Unit - Gas driven.

  • Meets DOT regs. - Transport the trailer with coil loaded if required.

  • Requires only two workers to operate.

  • Structural Steel Tubing.

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Overall width 8 Foot
Traveling Height 10 Foot
Overall Length 27 Foot
GVWR 9,850 Lbs.
Capacity 3,200 Lbs.
Empty Weight 6,300 Lbs
Coupler Pintle Eye
Tires ST225/75R15 LRD
Protected Lights  
Electric Brakes  
    Coil Sizes      
Maximum Outside Diameter 125 Inches
Minimum Inside Diameter 48 Inches
Maximum Width 66 Inches

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